Trailside Skatepark Halfpipe Repair Project

Project Detail

At the beginning of August we started a fundraiser to raise the necessary funds of $15,000.00 to repair a broken section of our halfpipe for our skatepark. Although we knew the public would be supportive of what we were trying to accomplish, we had no idea that we would raise the money in less than a month. The number of people and businesses that stepped up were, for the lack of a better word, amazing. I have included the text of our first post soliciting funds so you can get a quick background on what happened and what we were trying to accomplish. Below that you will see a donation sign listing all of those that donated to our project. We can not say enough kind words about the support we received.
What you see below are the three intact pieces of the halfpipe that is located at the Trailside Skate Park. The other picture is the shattered fourth piece that broke free from the cable of the crane during the placement of the ramps. We have tried to find an economical way to fix the fourth piece, but it’s impossible. As a result I began searching for a company to either replace or fix the halfpipe we have. I was able to contact American Ramp Company and they can come to the skate park and completely repair and improve the ramp on-site. However, the cost is $15,000, which is more than we have available for projects at this time. This is where you all come in!
The CDC has $2,000 to put towards this project, so I am hoping we can get 26 people or businesses to donate $500 a piece to help raise the remaining $13,000.00. I can’t begin to tell you how well received this skate park has been by our local skating enthusiasts. Just go down there on any given day/evening and you will see kids and adults young and old enjoying this beautiful skate park. But my heart aches knowing that the biggest ramp it’s not useable. Please, if you have ever wanted to support a good cause or project please consider donating to this project. Yes, $500 is a lot of money, but that money will go towards making a strong and lasting impact on people’s lives. Let’s get this done so we can have another wonderful addition to our community. Don’t have $500? We will accept whatever amount you can spare and we will be deeply appreciative of your support!

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