Affordable Rental Housing and Community Service Program

Project Detail

Program Summary:


The Guernsey County Community Development Corporation (CDC) provides affordable rental units to working, moderate income families. The rental market in Guernsey County has seen an increase in rental prices over the past two years, due in large part to the influx of oil and gas industry workers. The average rent for a family unit in Guernsey County is $1,500.00 and for those families that earn too much income to qualify for HUD but not enough to pay the increased cost of rent, they are left with little to no options.

That is where our program comes in. The CDC’s Affordable Rental Housing and Community Service Program offers rental units for working families whom in turn agree to volunteer 8 hours per adult, per year for a local nonprofit, thereby increasing community and social awareness.


Eligible Participants:


Individuals and families that have stable employment and earn more than the HUD guidelines for housing are eligible for the program.


Program Capabilities:


Provide affordable to working individuals and families;

Require renters to volunteer 8 hours per year, per adult for a nonprofit of their choice;

Promote community and social awareness;

Increase stability in the housing market and help to increase local tax revenues and economic stability;

Rehab houses in low income neighborhoods in order to increase property values;


Examples of Success:


The CDC has successfully rehabbed 12 homes and apartments and provided affordable housing for 10 families and two single parents.

A total of 128 volunteer hours will be performed during the 2016 calendar year.




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