The CDC is launching its latest capital campaign to help improve the lives of local residents. The goal of this campaign is to raise $20,000 to build a new skatepark at Baker Family Park, located on Corduroy Rd near the trail head of the Great Guernsey Trail.

The Project consists of creating a paved pad for skaters to utilize and to place on top of the pad, the skate equipment that was recently donated by the City of Cambridge, to the CDC. The area will be roughly equivalent to the size of a tennis court and be open and free to the public.

So far we have raised $4,000.00 from the proceeds of our Sportsman’s Bash and Expo, but we need an additional $16,000.00. We will be applying for a $5,000.00 grant from Rotary Club of Cambridge (fingers crossed) and seeking out corporate and individual donations.

We know that asking people to donate to a cause is hard, because let’s face it, everyone is on a fixed income, but even a donation of $25.00 will go a long way to helping create one more attraction for our local children and young adults to use. I know a lot of you are always saying, “There is a not a lot of things for people to do here….” well, now is your chance to help make a difference.

Call us today with your donation, 740-439-0020 and we can process your generous gift right over the phone. You can also go online and donate, by going to the CDC’s Donation Page, or by sending in your check to PO Box 1175 Cambridge, Ohio 43725. Because the CDC is a nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible.

Supporters will be honored with the placement of his or her name on the donation sign that will be installed next to the skatepark.

In closing I want to ask you to think about the things that you wish you had when you were a young person, now imagining donating just a few dollars to help make a wish come true for area children!

Together we can achieve anything…


Ronald D. Gombeda

Executive Director

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